6m 2m 70cm base antenna

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6m 2m 70cm base antenna

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6m 2m 70cm base antenna

Time Owned: 6 to 12 months. RF performance is good, but it's always lifting up at the joint and occasionally folding over at highway speeds. Replaced with a Comet SBB which has a locking fold over joint.

Comet GP-1 2m/70cm Ham Radio Antenna Installation

In fact that is the main problem! I mounted this antenna on a NMO mount that was permanently mounted on my trunk. The NMO mount good quality Larsen kept loosening up! I could not keep that mount tight, without over tightening.

Another negative is how the antenna screws onto the NMO No o-rings, no washers, nothing. I guess you just screw the antenna onto the NMO mount until the antenna touches and scratches your car paint? As for performance, it was good, no problems. The tilt over feature worked and I really did not use it that much. Quality made in Japan, but I was not happy with this design.

Time Owned: 3 to 6 months. This antenna is very well built, has shown me flat swr's under 1.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media Search media. Classifieds New listings. Log in. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums.

6m 2m 70cm base antenna

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. When to use which? Thread starter vr2zap Start date Jun 19, Status Not open for further replies. Joined Jun 19, Messages 2. First post after registration Ive been struggled for a long time regarding the topic My knowledge: Freq. Could not penetrate well. Urban use? Population is dense over my QTH, skyscrapers all around and sometimes ill head to the suburbs So DaveNF2G Guest.

For ham radio, the single most important consideration for band selection is which band other hams are using in the area where you want to communicate.

The best band in Hong Kong will be the one where most of the local hams and repeaters are. I don't know if that is 2 meters likely or 70cm.

I agree with Dave. Different areas have different band usage. I stick to 2M here because the over whelming majority of Hams are on 2M. There are a few on 70CM but not many. Almost no one is on 6M here. Joined Jun 13, Messages 2, Location The land of broken calculators.

It sounds like you've answered your own question. Of course I'd like to see people use all of the bands on a regular basis regardless of where they are located because at least in the USI believe we are in a use it or lose scenario with the ham bands. The sharks are circling, especially with 70 and 23cm.

Cushcraft VHF/UHF Base Antennas

The problem is there's little activity so you will more than likely stick with the few frequencies that have activity which are more than likely 2m and 70cm. If what you're trying to do is set up reliable contact with another base station, I would start out with 70cm and work your way downward if you aren't able to do it.

Base to base simplex is usually easy with 6m but less so with the higher frequencies although they have their own advantages. I would imagine you would have a lot of interference no matter what in a place like Hong Kong. Last edited: Jun 20, AC9BX Member. There's a number of things to consider. It depends on your goal.

Start by listening. Are there popular repeaters in your area?QRZ Forums. I just had a "Measure twice cut once" moment. I'm having second thoughts about my dual band antenna installation and have put it off till I'm sure about all FM frequencies I'm going to be running. What caused this is my chance to buy a brand new Yaesu FtR that's never been used and for a really good price.

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Is this for a Mobile or Fixed station? This presents a unique antenna situation for all the bands it has. The radio has a built in duplexer to enables use of a single RF connector. An antenna to work all the bands would be hard to find. Not much for 1.

Gmmk case swap

For 10m, any single band will do. For feeding them you would consider an external diplexer single in to dual out with separation for 10m using two feed lines from the diplexer to the separate antennas. The only other lower loss way is to manually switch separate feed lines to the antennas you select. You would still end up with either 2 or 3 feed lines. I use s Diplexer to combine to one feed line to a dual band antenna. Port one is used for all other HF bands.

Hard to beat a Kenwood TS for all this and has cross band repeat to boot. Good luck. KM3FNov 27, K9ASE likes this. For meter FM, you are going to have to upgrade to at least General Class. Glen, K9STH.Your JavaScript appears to be disabled.

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6m 2m 70cm base antenna

Over parts from more than trusted brands, more parts added all the time. You can point the Order this product and get free delivery and handling on your entire order! Offer excludes truck freight fees. Valid on orders shipped in the contiguous United States. Cushcraft 2M Wideband Yagi Beam Antennas were designed using the newest computer-optimized methods for im Cushcraft Ringo Ranger II vertical antennas offer more gain, less windload, and more mechanical integr Computer-aided modeling and test range techniques were used by Cushcraft engineers to further optimize the perform If you want a combination of compact size, wide b Cushcraft 2M Broadband Boomer Beam Antennas will be your choice for high performance across the entire Cushcraft 2M wideband boomer beam antennas are the right choice for packet systems and other applicatio They feature 10 vertical Cushcraft 1.

Cushcraft Ringo Ranger Vertical Antennas offer more gain, less wind loading, and more mechanical integrit They work great in either ver Each stacking kit includes aluminum tubing cross b Cushcraft 70cm broadband boomer beam antennas enhance performance on all modes of the 70cm band.If you have the space, budget and desire to erect a full size antenna system we suggest you do so… bigger is better… however …if you live in an antenna restricted area and must manage with antenna or space restrictions or you simply wish to operate incognito you will be forced to make significant antenna compromises.

The CHAB will make the most of these circumstances! The transformer on the original CHA had smooth sides. The current version has a heat sink to dissipate heat created inside the transformer. Yes, some of the RF that enters the power feeding section is turned into heat rather than transmitted as RF, but that is one of the compromises needed to create a broad-band, low SWR, multi-band HF antenna with minimal visual mpact. The crowded space above the set required a compact multi-band dipole, and the CHV-5X was selected to solve the problem the minimal space presented.

Each band tunes independently of the others. Comet engineers have specifically designed this antenna for those that desire a milti-band dipole that can be rotated if needed, but do not have a lot of room to install it. If you have antenna restrictions, neighbors that tend to complain about antennas, simply want to operate without drawing attention…or you want a lightweight multi-band antenna to use in portable or emergency situations, the CHV-5X is a great choice.

Typical 1. Adjust the SWR to the desired band segment, then use an antenna tuner to TX outside of the or less band-width. The ground radial system is unique…the radials are screwed into 2 collars.

The collars can be rotated and fixed so all the radials are located to one side of the antenna…. Anticipating it may need to be installed hidden from view along the side of a building or home, rather than in the preferable location in free space, the ground radial system uses two rotating rings. The radials are screwed into the rings, and the rings can then be rotated so they all are on one side of the antenna rather than the preferred degree spacing.

The SWR maybe negatively influenced by the spacing, but if you are in need of a multi-band HF antenna, that includes 6M 2M and MHz, and have little space or cooperation, you will need to make some compromises. Your Name required. Your Email required. Friends Name required. Friends Email required.

Your Message. Broadband: TX 3. The H is a broad-band, compact, rotatable dipole designed to offer excellent performance even when mounted at only ft above ground in a V or horizontal configuration. The HVU-8 was designed for those suffereing from antenna restrictions in mind.QRZ Forums. Tags: base station uhf base vhf base.

I would like to get input from more knowledgeable HAMS about solid, easy to use, and reliable radios that I can use to hit both local and distant repeaters as I expand antenna setups over the years to come. I did have some old police midland radios that a friend programmed for repeaters and they worked great. Thanks for any insight you can provide. The answers to those questions will determine the available choices of equipment.

Antenna set-up for 10m/6m/2m/1.25m/70cm FM

For strictly analog FM, a dual-band mobile from one of the big 3 Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood along with a good power supply will serve nicely for base-station use with the option to go mobile as well if you choose. There are cheaper Chinese alternatives but for the best user experience I'd suggest sticking with the traditional ham-market stuff. If cost is an issue there are always good used radios available here in the QRZ classifieds for prices well under retail.

As for ease of use, that will vary but all of the modern radios are menu-driven and PC-programmable so there will be a learning curve. Programming without a PC is possible but can be tedious if you have a large number of channels to set up.

There are also commercial DMR radios Motorola but those are single-band only, more expensive and more difficult to program. Do some research into the available radios and modes, reach out to local hams and clubs in your area to get their input and sample their equipment hands-on.

NC0L likes this. Thank you very much for your input. I have only worked analog and have no idea about digital. Can you enlighten about the digital mode?

Thanks again. I actually have the same handheld. Never occurred to me to amp up the antenna. Some good ideas. Thank you for your input. If you're only interested in working FM and personally I think that the digital modes are very bad for the hobby, as they are so devisive and offer no better perfromancethen I wouldn't even consider a brand new rig. I use this as a base station Similarly, my 25 year old Kenwood TM installed in one of my cars still works great!

Roger G3YRO. G3YROOct 14, AG6QROct 15, With a mobile you will get; larger display, bigger speaker that will sound betterbetter ergonomics you are holding a microphone, not an entire radiomore robust antenna connector. K3UJOct 16, Sure it will work in a pinch, but it's not optimal. Kick around the QRZ classifieds and you can probably find something even less expensive that's in good condition. If you don't already have one, you'll need a decent sized power supply. Most higher output transceivers are going to require the better part of 20 amps on high power.

If you need an outdoor antenna, consider building your own. It's relatively easy with a little math, a few items from the hardware store, and an afternoon. Why not post a "Wanted" ad for a nice, clean, dual band mobile in the classifieds and see who replies? Be careful of scammers, a legitimate seller will be glad to furnish all the proof you need to be comfortable in purchasing from them.

6m 2m 70cm base antenna

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These superior-quality base station antennas feature a one-piece, heavy duty, UV-stabilized fiberglass radome for many years of reliable service. Although light in weight, they incorporate strong, easy-to-use, extruded aluminum and stainless steel clamp-on mounting hardware.

tri-band ht antennas

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